About Us

About Us

Welcome! We are a family owned & operated poultry farm that believes that quality is better than quantity. While we do have a variety of breeds, we do not mass produce chicks like major hatcheries.  Quality control is important, which can not be achieved with mass production. We are family run, therefore we are fully hands on with our birds with no employees.  We pride ourselves in the quality of birds that we breed and produce.

Our flocks are tested annually for AI and PT for NPIP, which allows us to ship chicks and adults.  This means that our farm has to pass a yearly inspection to ensure we are under the states approval as an NPIP participant and our birds must test negative for the tested diseases.

About 6 years ago, we started with just a few meat chickens.  Quickly it became apparent that chickens were going to become a big part of our lives. For the past 4 years, we have been actively breeding poultry sourced from some of the top breeders.  We have become active members of the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association, The Serama Council of North America and are members of the American Poultry Association.  Breeding birds for exhibition purposes has become important to us, therefore striving to have great quality birds is a must.

The Ayam Cemani has become one of our most accomplished breeds. We have worked very closely with the ACBA, assisting to educate members, and placed in the committee to help create an amazing Standard Of Perfection for the Ayam Cemani. Our Ayam Cemanis are our pride and joy in our barn, along with our Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.  Our 8 year old son does prefer his bantams though. Hopefully this year he will get a chance to enter a few of his birds into show to see how they do.

Chickens are not our only animals that we have. On a small scale, we breed Savannah and Chausie cats. They are hybrid derived cats that are a little more “cat” than your typical house cat. We spend a great deal of time with our horses as well.

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