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Day Old Straight Run Chick
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Ayam Cemani

Breed Standard Description

“The Ayam Cemani is a breed developed from the selective breeding of a naturally occurring mutation of wild landrace chickens in Central Java. This mutation is black hyperpigmentation called fibromelanosis resulting in an all black chicken. While the mutation had occurred sporadically in this landrace variety for centuries, steps were taken to select towards an all black bird in the early 20th century. While there is some variety in type, breeders have selected towards purification of black coloring as well as for single comb in a game bird with and alert upright stance. The defining characteristic of the cemani is an intense black coloring that make them completely black all the way to the bone. Cemani should have a black tongue and mouth, with variations of grey being acceptable. Pink palate birds show incomplete fibro. The blackest birds are sought after in Asian countries for belief in their mystical and medicinal powers and ceremonial dishes.”

FPC Line of Fowl Play Chickens

A few years ago, we bought out a breeding flock referred to as the “Banko” breeding stock.  We have been selectively breeding and doing our best to perfect this amazing strain. We have culled hard and maintained a very strict breeding program.  Our main focus has been achieving the best fibro possible, while still maintaining the upright, game-like body type that we desire.

The rest of our chicks hatch very consistent, only a small percentage of chicks are culls at hatch. The chicks we offer have exceptional fibro, dark mouths, with a gray to black colored tongue. These chicks typically grow to have very nice gamey type, hard feathering and great fibro. We are very proud of the line of Cemani that we produce. Their genetics help diversify other lines in the state & help with intensifying fibro.

Black Tongue Ayam Cemani

Black Tongues in the Ayam Cemani are incredibly rare. There are not many breeders in Indonesia that have black tongues either.  Searching the United States for a black tongue chick is like finding a needle in a hay stack, almost impossible.  We have stumbled upon this rare trait within our birds and we are very excited to see what the future holds for the FPC line of Ayam Cemani. 


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Day Old Straight Run Chick

2 reviews for Ayam Cemani

  1. Wendie Hargrave

    True to the Breed they are what is advertised. Great communication and loads of help Really Nice People

  2. Wendie Hargrave

    Buyer Beware of these People they are not what they portray to be. They take your money then give you every excuse as to why they can not get you your chicks or chickens. If you pay them good luck in getting your money back. I had to call the police and file a report for I was out of state. At that point it went to the Detective in there home town at that point they where give an ultimatum pay me or face a felony and possible jail time. I did get my money back thank goodness for 1000.00 paid to them and learned a lesson also. DO NOT WAIT AND DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TALK YOU INTO WAITING IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR BIRDS WITHIN 2 WEEKS CALL YOUR CHARGE CARD FOR REFUND. THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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