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Day Old Straight Run Chick
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Black Cochin

During the mid 18th century, the Black Cochin chicken was brought over from China and eventually led the craze for the poultry “fancy” movement. It would seem chicken breeders everywhere had a new desire for foreign poultry to show and raise as pets. Cochins are classified as a heavy breed, and Cocks could weigh in at up to 11 pounds. Due to the abundant amount of soft and fluffy plumage covering the birds body, they appear excessively large. The vast amount of frilly plumage covering the leg and foot of this bird, characteristic to only a few other chicken breeds is what makes this breed so attrictively unique. We currently offer Black Cochins in the standard size.

Cochins are noted for laying approximately 160 large golden brown eggs per year. Although primarily bred for exhibition, the Cochin is capable of being bred as a meat type bird.  They handle either free-range or confinement well and are hardy and extremely cold tolerant.  Hens are known to go broody quite often & make excellent, attentive mothers.  Cochins are incredibly friendly & quiet. Their docile nature makes them an excellent choice for children.

Our gentle giants come from the famous Jamie Matts line of Canadian Cochins, notorious for being extremely fluffy and large-sized. This breed is sold as an assortment of blues and blacks. Being that a few of our hens are frizzled, you may recieve frizzled chicks as well.  If size is a problem, check out our Bantam version.

Cochins are recognized by the American Poultry Association & are eligible to show.  Accepted colors include Buff, Partridge, White, Black, Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Blue, Brown, & Barred. This Asiatic breed makes for an excellent 4-H bird due to its docile personality.


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Day Old Straight Run Chick


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