Blue Laced Red Wyandotte


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Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is one of the most impressive breeds that we have to offer.  Our Wyandottes stand out for their blue lacing and deep mahogany color.  They are a  popular and dependable dual purpose breed with many desirable traits for backyard chicken keepers.  With a calm natured disposition, this robust and cold hardy breed is relatively easy to care for.  They adapt well to confinement, but will thrive in a free range environment.

We do not carry hatchery quality Blue Laced Red Wyandotte! Our primary flock is derived from Jerry Foley. This bloodline is noted for its beauty and near perfect blue lacing around a deep mahogany red. Coloration and body style is more typical of show stock for the Foley’s line.  We have kept our flock closed from any other lines.  We have been incredibly happy with the stock our flocks produce. These guys are the definition of yard candy. 

This heirloom breed typically lays about 200 light brown, medium size eggs per year.  However, we have not bred for production.  Instead, we have prioritized breeding towards overall type and beautiful color.  They have proven to be healthy, hardy and friendly birds.  The Standard calls for vibrant yellow legs. Bright red wattles, rosecomb, and ear lobes.   Plumage should be soft, yet dense creating a robust bird. The Wyandotte shape should apply. 

Like any blue breed of chicken, the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes will produce blue, black, and splash laced offspring.  You will receive a random mix of these three colors when you order from us.  Feel free to message us if you have a color request.  It is not guarenteed that we can fill a color choice.  Due to high demand, we are frequently out of stock and filling color requests may be difficult.


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