Chocolate English Orpington

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Chocolate English Orpington

Currently you can find two types of Orpingtons, The American Orpington variety and the Chocolate English Orpington variety. American Orpingtons are a popular dual purpose type that can be found at many major hatcheries or feed stores. The English variety has been imported over the last few years which has given us the option to have more of an exhibition/fancy type bird that greatly varies from the regular American Orpington. The American Poultry Association only recognizes the Standard of Perfection for American Orpingtons right now. We are currently working on breeding our English Orpingtons to the British Poultry Standard so that they stay true to their roots.

The English Orpington was created by William Cook in the late 1880s. Mr. Cook combined Langshans, Minorcas, and Barred Plymouth Rocks, and selectively bred for the Orpington type that he was after. His project took off running and is gaining popularity still today.

English Orpingtons are the gentle giants of the poultry world. They are known for being overly friendly, making them a great addition for the family. Their big broad and fluffy appearance make them a very desirable breed to own. Orpingtons lay on average around 160 medium sized brown eggs a year. They are known to go broody and have been noted to make great mothers. The chicks are slower to grow than many breeds, pullets can start laying around 24 weeks, but some may take longer.

The American Poultry Association

Recognizes buff, black, white, and blue. Even though the chocolate varieties are not a recognized color, they are still just as beautiful and valuable.

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