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Cream Legbar 

Cream legbar are one of the most popular autosexing breeds that we have to offer. They lay an abundance of beautiful blue to bluish green colored eggs. Unlike most production birds on the market, the legbars live a much longer and productive life. A normal production bird sees it prime at about 2 years old, while the Cream Legbar out lives and lays well past 5 years old. Besides being very productive, Cream Legbar are a stunning addition to a backyard flock and we have found them to be a very friendly, well natured bird, making them a great choice for kids. Besides being a fan favorite, they are one of our personal favorites as well.

Cream Legbar are very tolerant to the cold, and have been known for their abilities to lay through the winter. Unfortunately due to the size of their combs, they can be susetible to frostbite. Extra measures should be taken to keep them dry and free from a damp environment if the weather gets very cold.

Legbars were creatively bred in the early twentieth century at the Genetic institute Cambridge University. They are a combination of Barred Plymouth Rocks, Leghorns, Cambars, and Araucanas. The autosexing feature came from the barring genetics in the Barred Rock and the crest and blue egg color came from the Araucana.

Greenfire Farms has imported a few lines over the past few years, with the Jill Rees line being the favorite. The Rees “line” is capable of producing birds with excellent crests, great type and color. We have multiple flocks established for genetic diversity, along with a flock that is made up of only Rees Legbars.

Who can resist a mid-size, crested chicken that lays a large colored egg!

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