Heritage Barred Rock


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Heritage Barred Rock

Plymouth Rocks are one of the most popular breeds for chicken keeping. Our Heritage Barred Rock differ from those that you would find at major hatcheries or feed stores. Our barred rocks are what some people would refer to as “Heritage” or “Exhibition”. While these terms are loosely misleading, they have recently begun being used as a marketing tool to express the difference in Standard of Perfection breeding versus hatchery bred production stock.

We are currently breeding our Barred Rocks to the breeds Standard of Perfection. By doing this we do stray away from the typical traits that production barred rocks exhibit. They are slower to grow, but they will grow larger in size. Overall type is significantly different, making them a much more beautiful bird. They will not lay as xoften as a production bred bird, but in the end they will prove to have a longer production life. Production Rocks will lay heavily until 2 or 3 years old, but the Heritage Barred Rock will lay for years while still proving productive. One of the best features, hands down, is the barring pattern. It is one of the most beautiful patterns you will see, they are mesmerizing to look at.

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