Lavender Silkied Ameraucana


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Day Old Straight Run Chick
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Lavender Silkied Ameraucana

Blue eggs, lavender color and silkied feathers, what more could you want? Our Lavender Silkied Ameraucana are another one of our favorites. They are in fact purebred Ameraucana, with no relation to a Silkie in any way. A few years ago, a mutation popped up in a breeding program, and since then a few people have been trying to work with this silkied feather mutation. Their feathers have a very down like feel to them, similar to silkies, but with a bit more texture. This feather texture is caused by a genetic factor called barbicels, because of this, the feathers do not form together the way normal feathers do.

Their egg color is almost identical to our blue and black Ameraucanas, who lay a very blue egg. These birds aren’t as hardy as regular feathered Ameraucana and should receive similar care that is given to silkies. Due to the type of feathers and the inability to repel water, extra measures should be given to ensure that they stay out of bad weather.

Currently the APA does not recognize this feather type and the lavender color. Lavender may become an accepted color in the near future, but it will be a long time before and if the silkied variation gets accepted.

If you are interested in breeding Lavender Silkied Ameraucanas, please check out our page on Breeding & Genetics Info. We do offer lavender and silkied splits as well, these are very useful for diversifying their genetics.j

We do offer another alternative, we have Easter Eggers that are silkied as well. Right now we are producing white ones with black spots. Please see the page for Silkied Easter Eggers for more information.

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Day Old Straight Run Chick


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