Marraduna Basque (Euskal-Oiloa)


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The Marraduna Basque (Euskal-Oiloa) is a rare breed that is well deserving of attention. The Basque is an excellent dual purpose breed, that is capable of laying between 180-220 large brown eggs within a year and the roosters can weigh up to 9 pounds. It is difficult to put into words just how friendly, confident and outgoing the Basque can be. They are very active birds, quick to learn where treats come from and they do very well in a free range environment. The Marraduna cock birds exhibits a barred reddish-brown color, while the females are more of a golden color. The Basque should have a yellow beak & shanks, and their stance should be fairly upright. Currently, the APA does not recognize the Marraduna Basque (Euskal-Oiloa), but it is able to be shown in the Mediterranean Class, as any other variety. There is a breed standard that is underway for North America.

The Basque originated from the Basque Region of Spain. It had been the traditional chicken of the rural community, until commercial hybrid layers gained popularity. This caused the Basque to be left in the shadows and come close to extinction. In an effort to preserve this amazing breed, many efforts were made by conservation groups and select individuals to pursue an effort to restore the breed to its glory. A breed standard was officially approved in 2001, and by 2013 the breed has gotten back on its feet. We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to work with such an amazing breed.

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