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Olive Egger

An Olive Egger is an excellent and popular choice if you are looking to add color to your egg basket. Many shades of green and olive can be expected from these hens.   Luckily we offer an autosexing Olive Egger so there is no chance for disappointment when the baby chick you bought for egg color, grows up to be a rooster. We create our Olive Eggers with Cream Legbars and Welbars.  They are noted for being undoubtefully friendly and outgoing.

Variations of egg pigment can be expected amongst hens.  Army and sage green, along with speckled green eggs can be expected.   Multiple chicks are recommended for better diversity of egg shades.  

Gold and silver are currently available. Orders will be filled with each color depending on hatch.   They grow up to resemble the welbar and the cream legbar, therefore some will even be crested.  Our Olive Eggers are an attractive addition to a backyard flock. They do well in the confinement of a coop, but thrive in a free range setting.


Welbars and Cream Legbars are combined to produce an autosexing chick. Being that both the Welbars and Cream Legbars are already an autosexing breed, it makes for an easy cross that still maintains the autosexing traits.  The male chicks will have a sandy color down with a lighter head spot, while the females will have a chipmunk pattern. Fortunately there is a advantage to getting boy chicks. These can be bred back to each other to create darker, or more enhanced egg color in the next generation of layers. We recommend breeding the hens back to a Welbar cock.  The Welbar will produce darker olive green eggs in the next generation. If you would like to learn more about breeding,  Please see our page on Breeding Information to learn more. 

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