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Day Old Straight Run Chick
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Hmong or Qaib Hmoob, are a fibromelanistic breed of chicken that originates from the Hmong hill tribes of East Asia and South East Asia.   They are prized for their dark meat which can be very flavorful.  The Hmong has an upright, proud game like stance and come come in many different varieties such as peacombed or straight comb. Hmongs are fairly decent layers, with a tendency to go broody frequently.

This Oriental breed of chicken is said to have entered the United States around the 1970s, brought in by hmong refugees.  The Hmong refugees were fleeing from Laos and did not want to leave their prized family heirlooms behind.  Much of what we see in the birds in the US is similar to that of birds bred in the Laos village. There is no set standard for the Hmong breed, but families and regions have selectively bred to their liking. You will find much variations in the Hmong depending on its origin and family heritage, which makes this breed very unique.

Hmongs are typically a hard feathered bird, where their feathers are more tightly fitted. Their plumage varies greatly depending on color variety.  Some range from primarily black while others are boldly colored with a wild type pattern.  Colors range in from deep mahogany reds to bright orange to violacious purple sheen.  Their upright stance and mulberry to black skin colors makes them a unique addition to a backyard flock. While their looks may be slightly intimidating, they tend to be friendly and outgoing, quick to greet and have a curiosity in what you are doing.  They do make great mothers as well. They will go broody frequently and are overprotective mothers.  We have found them to be decent layers as well.


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