Lavender Ameraucana

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Lavender Ameraucana

Don’t be fooled by the major hatcheries selling “Americanas.” Unlike the well known hatcheries that pass off Easter Eggers, we sell the real deal Lavender Ameraucana! These guys are a great choice for someone who would like to raise birds for the poultry shows. While they are an excellent choice for show enthusiast, they also make great additions to backyard flocks by providing beautiful bright blue eggs. Ameraucana are friendly, outgoing birds that do well free ranging as well as confined to a coop. They are a medium sized bird that does well in cooler climates, their peacombs are more resistant to frostbite when compared to regular straight combs, which is another added benefit to the breed.

The Ameraucana breed was established in the later part of the 1970s when the differences in Araucanas was being made. The birds that exhibited muffs, beards and tails became the Ameraucana standard. This blue egg laying, peacomb breed has proved to be a favorite among chicken fanciers since its development.

Lavender (aka self blue) has become one of the favorite color choices in chickens lately, of course its a color that suits the Ameraucana breed very well. In 2016, It was petitioned to the APA that Lavender become an accepted color variation, so while not yet an accepted color, you can expect to possibly see it accepted soon.

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