Rhode Island Red Bantam


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Rhode Island Red Bantam

The Rhode Island Red Bantam is yet another one of our favorite small breeds.  Their plumage is a rich maghony color, with lusterous black accents in their tail. Truly, a beautiful bird to look at.  Our Rhode Island Reds have  proved to be fantastic layers throughout the coldest of winter months as well. 

These bantams are very much like their standard counterpart. They have great weight and egg productivity, especially for being a bantam. Unlike hatchery Rhode Island Reds, which are mostly mixes or bred simply for production- Ours are bred for beauty and heritage. We breed them towards the Standard of Perfection. They exhibit very nice type and color, which has proven to pass down through each bettered generation. Our Rhode Island Reds were bought from top exhibition breeders and we have worked diligently to maintain the quality behind their breeding.

The Rhode Island Red lays a small to medium size, cream egg. Their egg size is actually pretty remarkable for being a bantam breed. Our Rhode Island Reds have proven to lay exceptionally well over the winter.  Many of our other breeds took a break from laying due to the limited light cycle and weather, but not our Red Bantams.  Occasionally they will go broody to hatch chicks, proving capable of being diligent mothers.  The roosters are typically calm and docile, but can be protective if felt threatened.

On top of being beautiful and fantastic layers, they are incredibly friendly as well.  With proper attention, they quickly will become your friend.  This breed is very curious, out going, and occasionally a little bossy. They certainly have quite a bit of personality.

Rhode Island Red Bantams are an accepted and approved breed by the American Poultry Association. We find them to be a perfect choice and highly recommended for children interested in showing for 4-H.  Also recommended are our Plymouth Rock Bantams.

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