Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for checking us out! We appreciate your business and hope that your experience is enjoyable and easy as possible. Please read through our Terms & Conditions carefully. In order to make your experience obtaining chicks pleasant and easy, we have special policies and procedures in place. Our Terms & Conditions ensure that both buyer and seller are protected and aware of our procedures. It is important to remember that we are dealing with living creatures and things do not always go as planned, patience is expected and appreciated. Please take the time to go over our policies before ordering to ensure that you are placing your order in full understanding of our Terms & Conditions. By placing your purchase, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to our policies, we kindly ask that you do not place an order with us.

We are certified to ship poultry by being part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan. Our flock is state certified and inspected. We are AI and PT clean.
NPIP- PA 23-631

Chick Quality

We do our best to provide quality poultry, we breed to the APA standard, or proposed standard for each breed to the best of our ability. Our breeder flocks have been selected from fantastic breeders across the country and culled for imperfections. We have selected our breeders to reflect the standard. With that being said, even perfect birds, can and will throw imperfect offspring and disqualifications. We do recommend that if you are considering establishing a breeding flock or hoping to show, that it is best to purchase enough birds so that proper culling and selection can be done. We do not believe in “show quality chicks”, it is impossible to know that a chick will become show worthy, or breeder worthy. We do stand by the overall quality of our birds, but it is impossible to guarantee perfection.

Ordering & Shipping

Npip requires that we ship chicks right after hatch. In order to do so, pre orders are necessary to ensure timely shipping and optimal conditions for chick shipping. When ordering birds, please know that availability works on a first come, first serve basis. Unfortunately until an order is placed, birds will not be held. Orders are available to ship anywhere from a few days to weeks, and possibly months depending on the birds production, prior orders and demand. Ship dates are not set in stone, many factors come into play when hatching chicks, such as egg production, hatch rates and weather. We do our best to give an estimated time of arrival before you place an order. It is always best to place an order to ensure that you are on the list for next availability. You are also welcome to select a date after our soonest availability if you are not ready to receive your chicks until a later date. We do not accept personal checks.

You can contact us with any questions via Facebook messenger, phone, or email. Please give us a 24 hour response time before trying to contact us again. We have two family owned & run businesses. We are very hands on with our farm, therefore we are not always able to give an automatic response. We do not have hired help answering phone calls or messages, we prefer to keep it family operated.

Minimum Order

Our minimum order for shipping is 8 chicks. We ship our chicks in USPS approved shipping boxes that are designed to hold up to 25 day old chicks. We are not comfortable sticking any less than 8 chicks in a box, due to mishandling of the postal service knocking the package around. We are able to add extra male chicks of our choice into a box as “fillers” upon request.

Large Fowl & Bantams

Due to the size difference, care must be taken when ordering a combination of bantams and large fowl chicks. Large chicks are able to crush smaller breeds during the shipping. Ordering Orpingtons with Seramas is an example of something we do not recommend. Please do research on the breeds you are interested in, or contact us if you are unsure about size compatibility. We can make special arrangements to ship older bantam breeds with day old large fowl breeds. This can hold up an order if older chicks are not available.

Alive Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that all chicks make it to their destination safely, unfortunately things do happen on the way. Even the healthiest and strongest chicks can perish during their trip. In order to be compensated for your loss, photo proof, or proof from your postmaster is required within 24 hours of your shipment being marked as delivered. Depending on the rate of loss, it is our discretion to refund, or reship new chicks at buys expensive of shipping and at our convenience based upon availability. We can not anticipate the occasional loss, but if possible we will ship extra chicks, but we do not refund for extra chicks (yes, we must make that clear unfortunately). Please leave a note on your order if you DO NOT want extra chicks. We ship all our chicks Priority Mail, with either gro gel or hard boiled egg mash. A heat pack may be added if temperatures are low.


Orders can only be fully refunded when cancelled within 24 hours of payment being received.  We do not allow orders to be cancelled because you have not received your chicks when you wanted them. There are many things that are out of our control that can hold up an order. For example, when ordering multiple different breeds, one breed may not be available to complete your order, which can cause a delay. If you are requesting a legitimate refund, please allow up to 14 business days for your refund to be completed. There are many factors involved that can hold up shipments/pick ups, by placing an order, you are agreeing to this.

Estimated Availability

On each breeds’ page, you will find an estimated wait time. If a breed is listed as IN STOCK, then they will be available within 1-4 weeks for shipping/pick up. If AVAILABLE ON BACKORDER, please expect up to a 4 week to 3 month time frame. We welcome any phone calls or messages that inquire on availability on these particular breeds.

Shipping Procedure

Our shipping day is Tuesday, occasionally  Wednesday. We do not ship on Mondays. Notification will be sent prior to chicks being shipped.  We require that we speak to someone via email, phone, or message to verify that you are able to receive your chicks. All chick shipments are shipped using Priority Mail Express.  Shipments are delivered to our post office in the afternoon, right before the truck leaves for the main hub. We will send a photo of your chicks taken before they shipped  and your tracking number later that evening. We very much appreciate that you let us know if they arrived safely, we do worry about our chicks well being. If there are issues with a shipment upon arrival at the post office, please take photos. We require photos of deceased chicks be taken immediately upon pick up.

Pick Up

If possible, we encourage people to pick up their chicks if travel is an option. Pick up orders can be arranged around our schedule. We will contact you when your order is ready for pick up so that a time and day can be arranged. Pick up can be arranged in Ephrata, PA, or Bechtelsvile PA. We do ask that you try and bring a box.  Do not recommend a cat carrier type cage for day old chicks.  A basic cardboard box, with a few holes punched in the side, along with some bedding will do just fine.  

Farm Visitation

Unfortunately we cannot allow visitors to see our farm. Our biosecurity is important to us, therefore we are serious about maintaining proper biosecurity for the sake of the birds. As much as we would love to be able to show off our birds and set up, the risk outweighs the benefits. The health and safety of our birds has to come first.

Hatching Eggs

We do not typically sell hatching eggs. There are many factors that can come into play with shipping eggs. The USPS does not always take care with the package during shipping. This creates many unpreventable problems for both seller and buyer. We prefer to give our buyers the best experience when working with us, therefore it is not rational for us to gamble with perfectly viable eggs.

Straight run

When ordering straight run chicks, please know that you will most likely receive chick that will grow up to become roosters. Typically the male to female ratio is 50/50, but that can vary. Please do not ask us to pick out females, it is not fair to sex out extra females and leave another person with more males, or be forced to dispose of unwanted males. If you are in a situation that only allows you to own hens, please see our autosexing, or sex linked chicks. Our sexable chick selection is great because we have diversity in breeds that vary in appearance and egg color.

Feel free to contact us with ANY questions.

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