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Already have Legbars? Looking for something comparable, yet different? Search no further. Welbar are one of our newest autosexing breeds. We are very happy that we have been given a chance to offer this amazing breed! We owe a special thank you to Dennis Heltzel of Eureka Farms for creating the “Heltzel Line Welbar”. Dennis has created this line from scratch and has been passionately perfecting them for about 5 generations now. He has managed to achieve that sought after dark chocolate egg color by selectively breeding the best of the best. Welbar lay a colored egg that runs closely with well bred Marans. Their eggs make a wonderful addition to any egg basket.

Even though Welbars date back to the UK in the 1940s, they have remained quite rare. They have only become available in the US after Dennis, and possibly a few others have created their own lines using a special “genetic recipe” using barred rocks and Welsummer. Welbars are essential Welsummer, but with the barring gene bred in. This allows them to be autosexing just as Legbars and Rhodebars.

To add to the excitement, we are also happy to be able to offer not only Golden Welbars, but Silver Welbars as well. The Silver Welbars are absolutely gorgeous birds.

Do not miss this chance to get a jump on Greenfire Farms and obtain a separate line of genetics. Greenfire Farms has claimed that they will be releasing their Welbars sometime in 2017.

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Golden Day Old Cockerel, Golden Day Old Pullet, Silver Day Old Cockerel, Silver Day Old Pullet


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